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1993 -2015

AGE 22


Condolences to the family and friends of Bobbi Kristina Brown,who was pronounced dead today July 26, 2015.

Any death is hard for the surviving family members to deal with,but in cases such as Kristina where the presence of death remains with us and stares us in the face for so many months is truly taxing on our emotions.

When is a person really dead ? is it when they cease to be a fully functional human entity? When the heart stops beating? When there is no brain activity?, or is a person only dead when we choose to accept and acknowledge their demise?.The answer can be one or all of the above.

According to the mu-ji-man codes ,we are all coded to die at a pre coded age,date and time and all this information is recorded into our DNA at our time of conception and manifests it self in the form of our date of birth and natural birth name,this information is unique to each individual in the same manner as our unique facial features and finger prints,all one has to do is be able to read the data.

In the case of Bobbi Kristina ,this information was deciphered and published for all the world to see ,earlier this year when the news came out of her accident and subsequent coma.the following article is from an earlier post to the mu-ji-man codes blog dated 02/07/2015.

Her coded age of 20 was published as well as the comment about the number 21 which was very present in her chart.

She was age 21 at the time of her accident and according to some reports declared in a coma and brain dead,the number 22 also showed up in her chart but only once ,so until the person is actually declared dead the presence of the #22 will be noted but not stressed upon.

As I stated in my post dated 02/07/2015,I wanted to be wrong about my analysis ,and it was my prayer that Bobbi Kristina will one day wake up and have a full recovery,unfortunately she did not and it saddens me that the data I was looking at was correct.

My heart and prayers goes out to her family and may she rest in peace.

Daniel A

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The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Bobbi Kristina Brown)






A few years ago (2012) the world was shocked by the news of the death of Whitney Houston,the circumstances surrounding her death is still debated today and I am sure it will be for many more years to come.

Today we are witnessing the sad events surrounds the daughter of Withney(Bobbi Kristina) who is laying in a hospital room struggling for her life,and according to the news reports,there seems to be an eery similarity to their demise drowning in a bathtub.

Bobbi Kristina is a young ,talented and beautiful person and like with the death of any young person ,we are always left with the question why? .She has not been declared dead by any authority so I will refrain from mentioning her in the past tense,but based on the news circulating on the internet,many seem to think that her situation is dire.

In the event that she does not recover from her current situation,the conspiracy theorists will be all out in full force ,comparing her death to that of her mom,and the role of the illumanity and all the other secret societies and demonic forces.

With the death of Whitney Houston,the Mu- ji-man codes ,presented to the still shocked world that as sad and as tragic as her death was,she had in fact outlived what we call her coded age by about three years.So here we are three years later and again the world is facind the demise of Whitney’s beautiful young daughter Kristina.

So again we are faced with the question, is death a random event ? or is our destiny precoded into our Dna.According to the Mu-ji-man codes ,”its all coded into our birth date”. So as in the case of her mother with the recent news about Kristina ,we have decided to take a look at her mu-ji-man codes to see what it tells us about her.

We are in the process of confirming her actual and complete birth name to assure a complete and accurate analysis,but based on the information on hand right now we see the #21 very dominant in her codes and her coded age at 20.As with the case of any young person I always hope to be wrong in my analysis and I personally hope and pray for a speedy recovery of Bobbi Kristina.

For a complete biographical background on Kristina ,the following is an article from Wikipedia.

Daniel A


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