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From The Mujiman Codes and all of us; Ours heart, thoughts and prayers goes to all those affected by the tragedy in Nice Paris. The world need more love then hate.

The Mujiman Codes Reporter

Our thought and Prayers go out to all the Dallas Police and civilians injured in yesterday rampage. We wish them the best of luck and God speed.

Daniel Adams



The Mujiman Codes Reporter : Michael Jacson

Poem by Daniel Adams : first published June 25 2009


Michel J

A Singer, A Dancer

A world Entertainer

Light on your feet

Your voice so sweet

Way back when…

You sang us Ben


From Gary you came

Now you are gone…

Our lives won”t

Be the same


From Billie Jean

To Thriller

Your music will

Live for ever


Up in heaven

The Angles are saying

Get the choir together

To welcome our Brother

All the greats …

Will be at the gate

From Duke and Ella

Elvis and many other

But very front and center

Will be Sammy Jr and James Brown

To great you as you enter.

The Mujiman Codes Reporter

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at The Mujiman Codes