The Muji man Codes: 12-17-2017













me of us, it would have been a good year and for others, it would’ve been the year of grief and hardship sickness, death, loss of job and many more. But regardless what side of the coin you landed, we all have of to give blessings to the Lord that we are still breathing.

As the year 2018 approaches, we all must take stock, of our lives and ask yourself this question, is this the year when my number runs out, should I be preparing myself no matter how young I am, is this the year the disease and sickness would visit me, my mate, family, friends, or is this is year when I would get signals and signs and things to come in my life and the lives of my love ones.

The beginning of the year is the time for celebration, feeling good, happiness and enjoyment, so I do not want to be the one to remind you of bad news, however it will be sad if we were sitting here next year this time and looking back, the last 12 months with a bucket full of regrets

2017 is drawing to a close and for so