The first step in living each

day to the fullest

How would you live each day, if you knew when your last day was?

What is the Mu-Ji-Man Code?

Live your life to the fullest every
day because every beat of your heart is precious.

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    The Mu-Ji-Man Code is the theory...

    that a persons date of birth is encoded with information about that individual, specifically the following:

    date of death both premature and natural
    projected age of death
    total expected lifespan
    heart beats per billions for their projected life span age
    indicates whether a person lives longer or shorter than they were coded to live

  • All your information

    is encoded with a combination like set of numbers for each individual.

  • This information is imprinted or embedded...

    in your heart at inception and the key to living to your coded age is to pay attention to and take care of your heart pretty much like you take care care of a new engine or any thing else you would want to last for a long time.

  • The Code isn’t about prophecy.

    In fact, the book doesn’t provide you with the code to figure out anything by yourself.

  • It’s not meant to scare you or have you take any rash actions.

    Rather it’s meant to have you take a look at your life, at your health, at what you do on a daily basis.

  • It has you live your life to the fullest…

    every day and take care of the most important part of you, your heart.

What the Mu-Ji-Man Code isn’t…

Personal Readings

For those of you who would like to take advantage of the Mu-Ji-Man Code and see what’s encoded in your birth date, personal readings are available. Or maybe you would like to find out if a loved one had lived their life to it’s fullest potential and gain some closure for yourself or your family.

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