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bookHave you ever had a loved one of friend pass away and you were left shocked and sad wondering why did this person die so sudden, so young etc, etc. but there was no one to give you an answer? Well wonder no more today you have The Mu-Ji-Man Codes to decipher it all for you.

No one likes to talk about death or dying. However death is a part of life and we can manage death the same way we manage other events in our life, such as marriage, anniversaries and any other event.

Order a reading today for yourself or a loved one and find out what is encoded in your birth date or  if your loved one passed on when they were supposed to… it’s all coded in our date of birth and our name at birth.

The reading is not a death prediction, but we will show you how you can figure that out on your own. What we will tell you is your projected age of death and will decode and show you the exact dates and age that your loved ones died as coded in their date of birth, the data will reveal whether that person died when they were coded to or not.

You will also receive a copy each of the Mu-Ji-Man clock and ruler with instructions on how to use them.

So why wait order your reading today and take some of the mystery out of your life. Take control, so you can live your life to the fullest, everyday.
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A fascinating little book in magazine form which shows you all the secrets enoded into your birth date ,as well as did your loved one die before or after they were coded to die.

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The Mu-Ji-Man codes reporter september 19, 2013

Personal Readings:

I recently read a story about a beautiful young lady from Jacksonville Florida, full of life and not a care in the world except to go about the business of living and having fun with her friends. From all outward appearances she looked fine and felt fine but on the evening of November 18, 2010 she left a local restaurant after enjoying a nice meal with her friends, she suddenly began to feel sick and was taken to the local hospital where the doctors discovered a baseball size clot in her brain, despite the valiant efforts of the medical team that beautiful, energetic young lady was deceased, gone in the twinkling of an eye. Regardless of you religious faith or beliefs you are left to wonder why? Why will god, nature, the universe or your preference take away such a beautiful young person from this life, from her parents, friends and relatives. The answers to all those questions will forever remain a mystery, but I hope that as the word spread about the Mu-Ji-Man codes more and more people will realize that there is now a way to have some insight as to when that departure date will be.

I like to think of the Mu-Ji-Man codes as a mechanic you bring your car into the shop and he can inspect it and pretty much tell you what kind of condition your car is in and give you a good idea how long he thinks your car engine will last based on the way you are maintaining it and the amount of miles recorded, sometimes we don’t always like his assessment. We say but this is a brand new car why is the engine worn out already and he points to you and tell you it all the way you were treating and maintaining that engine.

The personal readings are not predictions or prophecy but they are actual analysis of real data  derived from a persons date of birth and natural birth name as recorded on their birth certificate, again i want to stress that these readings are person specific not a cookie cutter reading like the daily horoscope where you read the same information for everyone born in a specific month etc. The readings can be basic, mid level or comprehensive, lets take a look at what each reading category entails.

The basic reading includes:

  • the personal coded life span age(derived from the individual birth date )
  • tell you did they die before or after their coded age
  • show you the actual +/- figure
  • personal death path  number (derived from the date of death)
  • comparative heart beats per billion estimations between the coded age of death and the actual age of death.

mid level reading :

  • all from basic reading  plus the following
  • personal core numbers calculation and explanations such as :
  • life path number
  • birth day number
  • heart desire number
  • personality number
  • expression number
  • complete personal name chart calculations

a comprehensive reading :

  • all from basic
  • all from mid level plus
  • comprehensive name chart analysis (tells you what the numbers mean)
  • answer 5 specific pattern questions from the personal chart(for example you may want to see if a particular thing was present  or pre coded into that persons birth date.

A one hour, 1 on 1,  via Skype or other media with me to go over the chart and to answer any questions you may have.

I would like to stress again that these readings are person specific based on the personal date of birth and natural name at birth and requires time and patience to complete, they are not a one size fits all generic reading like the horoscope in the daily newspaper. I also want to remind the reader that I am not a psychic or clairvoyant or any mystical being. I only calculate the information contained in the birth date and personal and analyze that information using my Mu-Ji-Man system as developed by me, as well as some basic standard numerology methods for cross reference and analysis.

My focus at this time is mainly on deceased personal analysis to help bring some closure and understanding to the relatives of the deceased by giving them a physical concrete evidence that death is not necessarily an accident but instead to see that our first heart beat is actual the beginning of our death as the clock begins to tick down to that pre-coded date and time encoded into our birth date.

For those of us amongst the living who will like to see what your coded age is and to learn about your core numbers, I also invite you to get a personal reading and take the necessary steps to focus on living this life the way it was meant to be lived.

Happy Mu-Ji-Man day to all





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