The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Anna Marie Mendoza Pacheco)

6-18-1937 to 12-01-2013

Age 76

On behalf of the mu-ji-man codes, condolences to the family and friends of ms.Anna Mendoza.

Full disclosure:

Anna Pacheco is the grandmother of my oldest son Daniel,the mother of my first wife Veronica Pacheco .

Nana as she was known to me and the rest of the family will be greatly missed ,she was the central figure of the family and over the years she somehow always seem to keep things moving no matter the situation.I first met her some thirty plus years ago and she has maintained the same big heartedness over the years,she warmly welcomed me into her family with my marriage to her daughter Veronica and always remained neutral during me and veronica many, lets say disagreements, she was always friendly and kind to me and never showed a mad face to me at anytime, during the three decades I have known her,during my legal troubles a few years ago I was told by the us prosecutor that my ex mother in law had nothing but good things to say about me and did all she could to help my situation by shedding good light on me as a person and her personal endorsement of my character.(Thank you nana.)

Over the past year I have worked on the mu-ji-man codes analysis for hundreds of people and the numbers are what they are I cannot change them so I spend the necessary time it takes to be sure that I get the numbers right , but this one is personal because this is a person I have known for a very long time and every digit I calculate had a personal meaning,so I spent the entire day analyzing and re analyzing my work before doing this post.

Based on her birth date 06-18-1937 :

She was coded to die at age 77

She died at age 76

One year sooner than coded ,but looking at her month of birth she actually died about half a year before her coded age.

To all the family especially the kids,I know this is a difficult time, losing a loved one is always a sad event in our life, especially someone so near and dear to us, so its ok to grieve,cry or even be sad or depressed but after that period of grief we must all move forward and move into the phase of celebrating the life of our loved one,so I encourage all of us to celebrate the person nana was and to live the rest of our lives in memory of her and the good spirit she is, by striving each day to become h-a-g-e-e-l free,so at the end of our time we too will be missed and leave this earth in a positive light.

May god bless,protect and guide nana on her journey and may she rest in peace.

Feel free to contact me if anyone will like to learn more about nanas mu-ji-man codes numbers.

God bless to all


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