The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Free personal readings)


On this first anniversary of the discovery of the mu-ji-man codes ,I have a huge decision to make moving forward with the project,as more and more people become aware of the mu-ji-man codes ,I am receiving lots of requests for Personal readings, because everyone want some closure as to the departure of their loved ones,many are requesting readings for themselves and other living persons.As I have stated several times before, for ethical reasons I am not in a big rush to get into the death prediction business,eventhough Its very possible to use the tools available to determine when a persons death age or date will be.For now I am focused on doing analysis on, the deceased because the numbers are final and there is no argument with the final results,for now I prefer if anyone wanting to know when they will die,take the time to learn about the mu-ji-man codes system and its two companions ,the –mu-ji-man ruler and the mu-ji-man clock as well as doing some independent research on life expectancy for their specific country and understanding the statistics behind the internationally accepted number of total life span heart beats per billion as they relate to all human beings.Once some one is armed with the proper knowledge and you determine your mu-ji-man coded age as written in your birth date,you will discover that there is no mystery in knowing when you will die,if you are very skilled at analytics you may even pin it down to the precise day and date.


Today ,I am officially announcing that from this day forward, all basic personal readings will be free to all who request one ,please see the website for what a basic reading consist off, when I say Free, I mean free,no catch no gimmicks , I will also do a free reading on a live person to determine their coded age but for now will not get into the death prediction business, however I will guide you to determine that for your self.

Based on the volume of requests in the future, the reports will be posted on line where you can download or view the full reports,on a fee or donation will also be able to view or download the mu-ji-man reports for your famous celebrity or anyone else for that matter in our data base.

I hope you will take advantage of these free readings and share them with your friends and family so they too can do the same .

Take care,god bless and have a

Mu-ji-man day

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