The Mu-Ji-Man codes reporter – Google vs Death

Happy Mu-Ji-Man day everybody.

The current issue of time magazine is featuring on the cover as they put it (Google v death). Of course in a real duel between Google and death I think we all know who the winner will be and I think the headline will read like this Mr. death knocks out Google, funeral arrangements to be announced later. I was very surprised when I saw this news on CNN early this morning because it gives me hope that more people will learn about the Mu-Ji-Man codes because what Google is about to embark on with the creation of a new company devoted to studying death and  how to delay death is exactly the premise of the Mu-Ji-Man codes. But with some additional benefits of not just delaying Mr. death but learning to manage him and to remove the fear we have of him.

Some may say that what Google is proposing is contrary to the Mu-Ji-Man codes but I disagree,  because the Google model will be based on actual data being mined and utilized to assist us humans to live more better, longer and productive lives. When we look at the initial studies done as reported in my book the Mu-Ji-Man codes,  I see the pattern in the numbers which clearly shows that the greater majority of people die before their coded age. As I stated in the book am not a trained medical professional,  so I have no answers to why that is so, but I think when we look at the lifestyle and foods that we consume, I think therein lies the clue. So yes I am very excited about this Google project and I will be following it very closely as it progresses.

I firmly believe that we as humans must reeducate ourselves and break free from some of the old knowledge passed down to us over generations regarding our bodies and our spirituality. That somehow we do not have direct control over our existence and our bodies, for example can anyone tell me how old you were when you became aware of your heart? At what age did you understood the function of the heart, but most importantly at what age did your parents or family doctor sit you down and break out a chart of the heart and explain to you not only the importance of your heart but showed you what the results of not taking care of your heart from an early age will look like? Tough questions,  but be honest with the answer and you will agree with me that we as a society and parents must know and study the heart more than we study the manual of that new car we want or that latest sears refrigerator we are craving so much.

Yes its time we we all become experts on the heart as it pertains to its functioning and daily care and teach our kids from a very early age so they too will be experts and pass it along to the next generation. Think of the possibilities,  not only will people live longer we will also live better  and stronger, Obamacare will not be an issue because if we reeducate ourselves as parents and then educate our kids. Not only would we reduce the need for more hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and drugs, we would be doing the greatest service to the planet through future well informed generations. They will recognize that the fast food industry, the sugar, salt ,starch, meat and snack merchants are not serving the greater good and will be equipped to make the right decisions because they will know the connection.

Please pardon me for going off on that rant,  but that’s how I feel and I hope that as Google embarks on this journey of discovery and data mining they will not overlook some of the simpler things that affect our longevity.  I hope that we as a community, will not just sit around and wait for someone or some company to tell us how to delay Mr. death, but instead we will ourselves embark on the journey to reeducate ourselves about life.  And,  more importantly also about Mr.death and how to remove the fear of him and learn how to manage death.

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