The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Imagine)

In death we all become mu-ji-men, not by choice but by reality,and I hope that the current leaders of palestine and Israel will challenge themselves to become living mu-ji-men and do whats right for the peoples of their respective countries,as Israeli leaders considers the seperation of themselves from the Palestinanias,I hope that the people of Israel will see the fallacy in that idea and instead challenge themselves to (Imagine) a neighbourhood of two states living side by side in peace and security.

In the picture below we see two old warriors,who spent their entire lives bent on each others destruction,which they were not able to do but instead were themselves conquered by a force much greater than themselves (death).In life getting these two bitter enemies to share a hug or an embrace for peace was tantamount to them comitting suicide,but in the land of death where we all submit to the true realities ,we must all choose to become mu-ji-men or choose to be zombies,mr.sharon and mr. arafat is showing us that the future is to embrace each other and to become living mu-ji-men here on earth. IMAGINE ! IMAGINE! ITS POSSIBLE


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