The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Joan Rivers) update


1933 – 2014

AGE 81




Condolences to the family and friends of Ms.Joan Rivers,who died on September 04,2014.

Joan was an American actress,comedian,writer,producer and television host.

She was a one of a kind personality in her field and she will be missed by her legions of fans.

Death is always an unwelcomed visitor and we all like to avoid thinking about it and hope that its appperance will be delayed for as long as possible,but the truth of the matter is ,death is always with us and our creator encoded within us ,the exact age and timing of or death,all we have to do is take the time to study the encoded information.

As in the case of Ms Joan Rivers,she was a bigger than life personality on our television screens and the last thought on our minds was her impending death,but as you can see from the information precoded into her date of birth and birth name(Joan Alexandra Molinsky) she died three months after her coded death age of 80.

In my previous blog post on Joan,I said that I was not publicly releasing her pre coded death age ,because its our policy to do so only after the person death has been publicly released by their family,however as a time stamp to prove the effectiveness of the mu-ji-man codes ,I did share with a personal friend via text message her actual coded death age of 80,prior to her death.

As she begins her journey into eternity ,we wish her G’d speed and blessings.

daniel adams


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