The mu-ji-man codes reporter:( Joan Rivers)

Joan Rivers is an American icon in the world of entertainment,and is currently said to be struggling for her life in a medical induce coma,she is 81 years old.

At the mu-ji-man codes we make it a policy to not publish a persons codes before their death has been confirmed and made public,and we will honor that policy in ms.rivers case,however because of the fact that she was placed in a coma which is in essence a suspended death ,I will like to point out a few interesting things about that as it pertains to her mu-ji-man codes.

Her coded age is 86,from our research the majority of people die before their coded age and a minority die at their coded age and an even smaller minority die after their coded age.

The mu-ji-man codes for Ms.Rivers reveals her actual death age but I will not publish this age until the appropriate time.

Everyone here at the mu-ji-man codes wishes her a speedy recovery and our hearts and prayers go out to she and her family during this difficult period.

Daniel A

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