the mu-ji-man codes reporter (ken norton)

I would like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of ken Norton who died yesterday, Wednesday Sept.18,2013. May god guide and protect him on his journey.
I took the liberty to do a basic reading on Mr. Norton from his birth date of 08-09-1943 and his death date of 09-18-2013. Which put him at age 70 at his death, my reading confirmed his death age encoded within his birth date and confirmed his coded lifespan age of 72 so he died two years before he was coded to based on the Mu-Ji-Man codes system.

coded age 72
death age 70
– – 2

Yes folks, this is the Mu-Ji-Man codes in action and I encourage all the readers to simply look at the date of birth and challenge your self to see some clues.
Please continue to check in for updates on any famous celebrity death and other interesting life and death issues.

God bless and have a Mu-Ji-Man day
Daniel A.

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