The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Nelson Mandela)



Age 95


The mu-ji-man codes will like to extend condolences to the family,friends and the entire nation of south Africa on the death of mr.mandela.Mr Mandela physical light may be extinguished today but his spiritual light will be eternal,we are very blessed that mr.Mandela was granted a long stay on his earthly journey to guide and teach us humans the true meaning of humanity, and being a true example of what we all should aspire to be.

Today is a day when every living human has lost a little piece of themselves,because mr. Nelson Mandela in some fashion has touched the life of every living being on this earth,the earth is a little darker and colder with his passing but his spirit will forever be a fuel used to light the way for future generations.

South Africa and Africa as a whole has lost their favourite son but the entire world has lost a friend and mentor.Even the animals in the jungles of Africa are mourning his passing,the trees in the forest are swaying and bending in respect to his passing,the birds are chirping and the wind itself has stood still in honor of him,for he was a giant that was careful not to crush the ants beneath his feet but walked carefully amongst his flock guiding and protecting them with his love and wisdom.

Earlier this year when mr. Mandela was hospitalized there was lots of talk about his impending death,there were even a few erroneous reports of his passing,although I have made it my policy not to get into the death prediction business and I will continue that policy ,I felt that I would ne negligent if I did not work on mr.Mandela’s mu-ji-man codes ,so at the time of his first hospitalization period I decided to look and see what his birthdate codes revealed.late Wednesday night dec.4,I saw on tv that they were again talking about mr. Mandela and his prospects,so I once again looked at his numbers and as earlier in the year I saw what his numbers revealed that it was not likely he will make it past this month.

His mu-ji-man codes

Coded age 98

Death age 95

-3 years before his coded age.

We wish mr Mandela gods speed on his journey and may god bless,protect and guide him as he enters a new realm of existence,but most of all we thank god for granting us this time to be in the presence of a true champion for peace,justice and equality.



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