The mu-ji-man codes reporter: ( new world order)

with the latest mass shootings in Paris France, by the young men in the name of religion or in defence of the prophet Mohammad,I have come to the conclusion that its time for a new world order,it is time for the old world order to die and a new world order to take birth.

The old world order has been in place for over two thousand years ,and all it has brought us is

Death and destruction via war after war,all in the name of things like Religion,imminent threaths and security and economic interests.This old world order also brought us things like slavery,segregration,invasions,domininations,fueled by hate,anger,greed,ego,envy and lust.

When George H. Bush was elected president of the United States in 1989 ,he began using the phrase “A new world order”,and of course all the conspiracy theorists myself included was very suspicious of his intent ,we were all waiting for the shoe to drop when the illuminati will swoop down on the world and put us in the clutches of their spell and control our every move and thought.

As it turned out he did know what he was talking about ,there was a new world order and believe it or not we are currently in the clutches of that new world order,what he was talking about was the new world where the big corporations and bankers will own and control everyone and everything,and they accomplished this without any resistance by seducing us with their new technologies and gadgets.

Today we as citizens of this new world order ,we must realize that we have a responsibility to at least shape the course of the future of the world we live in ,we must dedicate ourselves to change ourselves and thereby change the world,we must kill the old world order of consumerism,wars,invasions ,dominations,fueled by hate,anger,greed,ego,envy and lust.

What awaits us on the other end ,A new world world order ,a world order of no religion or lets say one religion called (Humanism)eliminating the need to maime and kill in the name of ideology,a new world order of no borders,no visas,no passports,the free movement of all peoples,no flags or national governments,so there is no need for soverign ego and pride.No need for armies because there will be no enemies to fight.

As humans I know such a thing will seem almost impossible ,but as John Lennon said so many years ago(IMAGINE)yes we can do more than imagine today we can act on making this imagination a reality,we have it within our power to change and to institute a world order of peace,love,trust,a world free of hate,anger,greed ,ego,envy ,lust,out of control consumerism,and most of all we must free ourselves of religious ideologies and replace it with the reality of Humanism.

Today I find myself closer to the position of a one world concept as been espoused by some of these so called secret societies,yes I can see the value in a one world government,currency,religion base on the concept of humanism rather that a particular ideology,the benefits of such a system can truly serve humanity if it is established with the principles of dignity and in the benefit of the humans that will make up such a system,and not for or in the sole interest of a ruling elite or class.

Daniel A



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