The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Paul Walker) 1973 – 2013| GONE TOO SOON?

The mu-ji-man codes will like to extend condolences to the family,relatives and friends of mr.Paul Walker who died on Saturday in a fiery crash in southern California he was 40 years old.Paul was well known for his role in the fast and furious movie series and will be missed by all.

Here at the mi-ji-man codes, our role is not to repeat the headlines as they appear off the news feed so we will leave it to the regular 24 hr cycle, media outlets to dissect his movie life and show all the entertainment aspects of his last 40 years.The mu-ji-man reporter is dedicated to examining the actual personal data from deceased celebrities and others to see if they indeed died as they were coded to or weather they died before or after that coded age.

So as we look at yet another young ,handsome ,successful and famous young person snuffed out from the wheel of life at such an early age ,we are once again left with the question “gone too soon ?”,and as I read all the articles from the various outlets and the comments posted on social media from his friends,family and the general public,I see a common theme,shock,disbelief,grief. I too understand these reactions because as humans we just cant believe that the universe will be so cruel to deny us so many years from our aquaintances earthly presence.

As I get deeper into the mu-ji-man project I am beginning to train myself not to be shocked or be in disbelief anymore when I see or hear of the death of a famous or non famous person, as a mu-ji-man codes reporter I now approach the news of such deaths as a time to reach out to the families, by immediately reviewing their person data to see if they died when they were coded to and if not, get a sence of how far off they were from that coded date.I realize that in a time of grief, the last thing a family member want to hear is that their loved one died at,before or after their coded age but as the grief wears off everyone looks for some closure to deal with their loss,my posts are intended to help bring some closure to the families and friends of the deceased but I also hope that the day will arrive when everyone will know know their coded age so we as a society will not be as shocked by mr death and the efficient way in which he goes about his task,but that’s a topic for another day,lets take a look at what mr.walkers mu-ji-man codes revealed.

His birth date 09-12-1973 and his departure date 11-30-2013,these dates are significant because they reveal much about the person and all those revelations are all coded in the birth date.within his birth date, is coded what we call his coded age,that is the expected life span age for him,in his case his codes revealed that age is 41,he died at age 40 so it appears that he died (1) one year before his coded age but if you look a little closer and you include the time in the womb he died exactly when he was coded at the mu-ji-man codes our role is not to judge anyone as to their lifestyle or decisions that may contribute to their death, because I am still struggling with the idea that all that behavior and decisions is also coded into us by mother nature to achieve the final result.

In closing I will like to invite all the readers to take themu-ji-man codes birth date challenge, and look at his birth date very carefully,see if you can figure out the coded age and even the death age ,take the plunge do a little simple math see if it makes any sense to you,I will also like to invite any one interested in a more detailed explanation of my analysis to feel free to contact me via the contact page on the

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