The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (SKYE BARTUSIAK)

1992 – 2014

AGE 21



Condolences to the family and friends of Skye Bartusiak,who died on july 19,2014 at the tender age of 21.She was an American film and television actress.

The death of such a young person is always very sad and shocking to many and in many ways also seem unfair ,because it appears that they have not been given the opportunity to achieve their true potential,but in the grand scheme of things only the universe can make sense of it all.

Based on the information encoded into her date of birth and name she was coded to the age of 22,which is exactly the age of her death since she was approaching her 22nd birthday on September 28,2014.

May the angels greet and guide her into eternity.

Daniel A.

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