THE MU-ji-man Codes Reporter: (The H-A-G-E-E-L (Free) Heart )

How would you live your life if you know when your last day will be ? that’s a very basic question but a very profound one and a question we should all be asking ourselves and each other.i was recently speaking to a friend of mine and he told me a sad story that will touch even the toughest of hearts,his brother a very healthy vibrant 65 year old suddenly began losing lots of weight and the doctors immediately thought it was due to him getting diabetes and began treating him for that disease but his condition continued to deteoriate and upon further tests they discovered a very serious form of cancer that was very hard to detect and was so advanced that there was nothing the doctors could do to save him and advised him to get his affairs in order because the end was near,this all happened in a matter of weeks and today his family is making funeral arrangements for his departure.

So again I ask the question,how should you live your life knowing when your last day will be ? we all know that day is coming and most of us choose to ignore the thought of it and some how hope it will pass us by yet we know in our heart of hearts that it I will like to invite you the reader to take the time to learn about the mu-ji-man codes to learn more about all the information encoded in your birthdate.

So for those of you wondering what is this H-A-G-E-E-L free business and what does the above story have to do with it here we go.The answer to the above question how should you live your life if you knew when your last day will be ? and for that matter even if you didn’t know when that day will be, we should all strive daily to become free o the following:

  • H- ATE
  • A- ANGER
  • G– GREED
  • E- EGO
  • E—-ENVY
  • L- LUST


    Hate,anger,greed,ego,envy,and lust are the main corrupters of the human heart and a corrupt heart ,people or nations are the sources of all the miseries that humanity continue to experience to this day.we were not born with these things embedded in us but instead we picked them up from our environment much like a driver will pick up a hitch hiter along the road,and so too we should daily drop them off along the way as we would any hitch hiker so we may continue on our journey.

    No one knows the exact moment of our very first heart beat or the precise moment of our last heart beat only our creator knows that ,but we all know and have a good idea when we were conceived and now too we can know or have a good idea of when we will die,using the tools of the mu-ji-man in the mean time lets all be kind to ourselves and others ,realize that we were all born hageel free and by striving to die hageel free we will leave a better world for those that follow us.

    Possession of A H-a-g-e-e-l free heart is the source of true love,genuine joy and complete heavenly bliss here on earth and every other plane of existence,today is the beginning of the rest of your life so don’t delay make the pledge to be free, eliminate H-A-G-E-E-L from your life.


    How will you choose to live the rest of your life ?


    The greatest of all posessions is a h-a-g-e-e-l free heart

    The greatest gift you can give to the universe is to be a h-a-g-e-e-l free being

    The greatest inheritance you can convey to your survivors is to die a h-a-g-e-e-l free being


    h-a-g-e-e-l free

    is the way to be.



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  1. inne A
    inne A says:

    This book is v interesting book with the hageel free as a. Starting pont to learn more how to clear the heart n mind n begining to live the life more healthy; body, mind n soal. Good luck!

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