The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (the mu-ji-man codes rule(r)

the mu-ji-man codes rule:

know it ,maintain it ,track it .

knowing your vital numbers such as your bp,chl,heart rates,sugar level,etc is the responsibility of every human being and once you know these numbers its your job to maintain them and forever track them for the rest of your life,the mujiman ruler is designed to help you in this area by providing you a very simple easy to use tool to remind you daily of your important numbers,the ruler is most efficient in tracking your heart beats per billion and shows you where you are on the wheel of life.

first I will like to apologize for the illegible photo but I have not quite yet figured out how to manipulate the phot to make it bigger and more legible so I will do my best to explain as we go along,feel free to request a copy via email if you will like to study the ruler up close.before we examine the features of the ruler lets talk a bit about the mu-ji-man codes rule:

I have heard from many of the readers of my book the mu-ji-man codes that they just glanced over the photos of the mu-ji-man ruler and the mu-ji-man clock because the photos were not in color and was too complicated to understand so they chose to ignore them and kept on reading,so if you will indulge me I will like to spend this post explaining the mu-ji-man codes ruler and ruler and will cover the clock in a future post.

Once you have a general understanding of the theory of the mu-ji-man codes ,wheather you believe it or agree with it, the next step will be to look at some hard facts that is based on current statistics available from several sources such as the us govt,and countless websites over the internet. Lets look at the basic features of the ruler:

The left side of the diagram is same as a normal ruler with the numbers 1 thru 12

To the rifht of the numembers are the numbers 5 thru 60 in brackets, these numbers represents years in increments of 5

To the right of that is the total number of heart beats per billion in five year increments (note)these numbers are the actual estimated beats per billion as established by various world organizations

To the right of that is a blank space to input your heart beat

To the top right of that are the estimated total heart beats ranging from sec to year I. e. 1.33 beats per sec to 41,975,000 per year on average.

To the right of that is space to record your date of birth,life path #,date of death for figuring out a deceased person heart beats per billion,

To the right of that is space to track your blood pressure,cholesterol,and sugar level

The bottom right of the chart lists age 65 to 110

To the right of that are tips for maintaining a healthy heart and life style

To the right of that is a blank space to outline your goals.

Looking at the ruler it is an actual measurer for determing how much of your allotted heart beats you have already utilized and how much u may have left.,so as always I encourage to to check it out for yourself and use the data from a deceased loved one to see how they did .

Once again for those of you needing more details and analysis feel free to contact me for a personal reading.







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