With the recent death of Robin Williams,the main stream media has and still is filled with a series of reasons and excuses as to his passing,and all with out exception refer to his death as untimely,I feel compelled to do another post on Robin’s death because I feel its my duty to point out a few truths to the public.

First I will like to remind every one that we all die wheather we are famous or not, our creator did not give us the option to choose our age of death,that was pre programmed into our DNA. Because we have free will as humans beings we can decide for ourselves and choose the way we live our lives, and that decision in turn may impact weather we depart this reality on schedule, or a few years sooner or later than our pre coded age.

In my earlier post I showed his coded age as 62 and his age at death at sixty three,so on the surface he looks like he died one year later than his coded age,but upon close examination,Robins actual death age is 64 and that fact is recorded into his natural born names.

So from the view of his family,friends and legions of fans and the general public,his death was untimely,but in reality he actually died a full two years after his pre programmed or coded age.

The clock is ticking for us all and our heart is created with a finite number of ticks,the mu-ji-man clock serves as a reminder and a mirror to show us when our last tick will come.I recently read an article “Robin Williams didn’t have to die”and I am floored by the ignorance of the so called mainstream press,we all die and we all will die and to make such a statement is simply foolish,not only did Robin die at age 63,he was also coded to die at age 62 and was granted a small bonus because his actual coded death age was 64.




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