The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (when will I die)


How long will I live? That’s the way most people phrase the question because it sounds better and is not as scary as saying “when will I die”,

Well the truth is we all die a little each day and from my personal experience the fear of death prevents us from living a lot every day.

As was stated in the book the mu-ji-man codes the only ones who do not know when they will or are expected to die are those who do not want to know and the one whom are too scared to face the issue.on pages 13thru 17 in the mu-ji-man codes are charts of the life expectancy for every known country on planet earth,the numbers range from ages 39.6 for Swaziland to 82.6 for japan,the averages for women is higher,the average life expectancy for the united states is 78.2 for men its 75.6 and women 80.8. any entity involved in population management and control knows within a pretty good amount of certainty when their people or in some cases subjects will expire,there is no guess work involved when it comes to maximizing profits.

A quick search on the internet for total life span and total expected heartbeats per billion per lifetime will produce a multitude of sources filled with grafts and charts and countless amounts of analytics for all areas of the human spectrum.for those of you who do not want to search on your own,as part of the mu-ji-man codes system I have created a mu-ji-man clock which is to the left on the page and it in conjunction with the mu-ji-man ruler provides all the information you will need to answer the question “when will I die”. In a future post I will be going into the inner workings of the clock and how any one can use it to determine when they will die,the clock shows you where you are in the wheel of life and how much longer you have to go before the end of the road.

Know lets look at a quick example of how you can answer the question “when will I die”.

Take a quick look at the mu-ji-man clock to the left ,the numbers on the very right represent the estimated number of heart beats per billion per lifetime,find your current age on the clock,those numbers are on the outer rim of the take your age and multiply it by 41,975,000 which is the est.average heartbeats per year and you will get your total current heart beats which is shown on the clock,now all you need is your mu-ji-man coded lifetime age as is written in your birth date and the next step will be to subtract your actual age from your coded age and you will see how much time you have left,just match it up on the clock and the clock will show you precisely in what month and season you can expect to die.i realize this may all seem a bit complicated but once you are familiar with the mu-ji-man codes it is actually quite simple and educational at the same time.Everyone can know the answer to the question “when will I die” by using the tools of the mu-ji-man codes and dedicating a few hours to figuring it out,contact me to learn your coded age and you can figure the rest from I want to close by saying live like u know when your last is will be ,its all coded in your birth date.


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