The Mu-Ji-Man reporter September 17, 2013

The Mu-Ji-Man codes formulas:

I have taken some sharp criticism from all quarters concerning the formula for the Mu-Ji-Man codes and how I arrive at them and how can I prove my theory works if I don’t reveal the codes. Indie Kirkus recently posted a review on my book the Mu-Ji-Man codes, in which they stated that its “a novel theory diminished by the author circumventing its blue print”. True as that may be and correct as all the critique about the book being vague and me not telling people how to find the codes or make the codes available to all I plead guilty as charged. However in the book I make it quite clear that I was purposefully omitting that information for the following reasons:

# 1 The codes are are new to me and I am still in the process of figuring out how it all works together.
#2 I did not relish the idea of me trying to explain something as serious as this with the claims I am making and getting it all wrong because I did not give myself the necessary time to think it all thru.
#3 Imagine having readers trying to decode the code instead of focusing on the main message of the book, which is do not just drink the cool aid and think for yourself, take the time to study your human engine and take better care of it.
#4 I was very fascinated with how the whole thing came about for me and I wanted to challenge the reader to simply look at a persons date of birth and see what the numbers revealed especially in the case of their departed friends and loved ones and I must say that it is very possible like in the case of an early reader named Indra from New York, she bought the book read it from front to back and spent many nights trying to figure it all out and I must say she is getting quite good. The codes are all mathematical calculations and I am currently formulating them in a simple to do format which i hope to share with the reader in the future. So in the meantime please read the Mu-Ji-Man codes, order a personal reading and take a good look at the numbers you may surprise yourself.

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