The mu-ju-man codes reporter (Tom Foley)

The mu-ji-man codes will like to extend condolences to the family and friends of mr Tom foley,ex speaker of the house of representatives who died this week October 18,2013. Mr. Foley was the 57th speaker of the house and enjoyed a very long political life,mr. Foley also served as us ambassador to japan for four years during the Clinton administration,he was 84 years old.

He was replaced as speaker of the house by his nemesis, rep.newt Gingrich a Georgia republican,who later called washinhton state the “ground zero”of the sweep that gave republicans their first control of the house in 40 years.

With the recent spectacle of the past few weeks with the politicians in Washington d.c. and the current venomous attitude that exist between the two major political parties in Washington it will great if they would learn something fromold hands like mr. foley who had a seemless knack for building consensus on both sides of the isle.

According to the mu-ji-man codes system mr Foley was coded to die at the age of 84 based on the data encoded in his birth date and as you can see he departed at 84 years old,so even in death it seems that he lived up to his end of the deal.

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